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» Savannah College of Art & Design(SCAD)

Savannah College of Art and Design

The (SCAD) or Savannah College of Arts and Design is a university w/ campuses that is situated in Atlanta and Savannah and Lacoste in France. Since 2009 the title of SCAD doesn’t longer exists, instead, it’s now just “the University for Creative Careers”.

SCAD has fine art degrees. SCAD enrolls more than 9000 students from all 50 states, aside from South Dakota, and different countries. International student enrollment ratio is 10% to 12%.

The Savannah College offers a study abroad campus in France. In 2009, the school proclaimed plans to have a campus in Hong Kong in 2010. It will be located in the former North Kowloon Magistracy.

Students are anticipated to concentrate on 3 study areas: foundation studies (art basics such as color theory, drawing, and design), liberal arts (science, math, art history and English are required for accreditation) and their key discipline area (a specific study course such as sequential art, graphic design, or animation).

Departments - The Savannah College is separated into 8 schools:

School of Building Arts
School of Communication Arts
School of Design
School of Fashion
School of Film, Digital Media, and Performing Arts
School of Fine Arts
School of Foundation Studies
School of Liberal Arts

The School of Digital and Film Media has seen much development in the past few years w/ the addition of major courses. These areas of study concentrate on computer effects, design and animation for film, games, television, and the Internet. To gather this order, a former 64 thousand square-foot carriage factory was renovated as a high-end, 800-computer effects and animation production/teaching house complete w/ green-screen stages, render farm, and even stop-motion laboratories. SCAD newly added a sound design program, offering in audio for image or music production.

The Communication Arts includes advertising design, graphic design, illustration, sequential art and photography. Most classes of graphic design are held in Madison Square. Poetter Hall has a huge number of computers and a few high-end Apple Computers in its laboratories.

The college is connected w/ the city and the maintenance of its heritage. By renovating buildings for use as college facilities, the college has been renowned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the American Institute of Architects, the Victorian Society of America and the Historic Savannah Foundation. The college campus is consists of more than sixty buildings throughout the park and grid system of Savannah. A lot of buildings are situated on the popular 21 squares of the old town, which are loaded w/ monuments, live oaks and an indisputable Southern Gothic feel that is wanted by the numerous movies filmed there.

Located in the Midtown of Atlanta, SCAD Atlanta facilities give exhibition space and classroom, well-resourced computer laboratories, photography darkrooms, library, sculpture and printmaking studios, a fitness center, dining hall, residence hall and swimming pool.

The college's 1st academic building was the Volunteer Guard Armory of Savannah, which was bought and refurbished in 1979. Built in 1892, the Romanesque Revival structure is comprised on the National Register of Historic Places. Originally named Preston Hall, the structure was renamed Poetter Hall in honor of co-founders Paul and May Poetter. SCAD soon expanded quickly, acquiring structures in Savannah's downtown Victorian and historic districts, restoring old and usually derelict structures that had beaten their original purposes.

Most students live off the campus, outside the halls, as there are no proper campus grounds except those controlled by the building properties. There are 10 buildings that give student housing and range from 1 to 3 persons, 1 room residence halls; to 4 bedroom apartments. The residence halls are Dyson House, Weston House, Turner House, Oglethorpe House, Pulaski House, Turner Annex, Gaston House, Forsyth House, Boundary Village, Bernard Village and Alice Hall.

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The college has 10 galleries, notably Red Gallery, the Pei Ling Chan Gallery, the ACA Gallery of SCAD, the Pinnacle Gallery, and La Galerie Bleue. The ACA Gallery is situated in the Woodruff Arts Center, next to the High Museum of Art.

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