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Savannah Restuarants

Over the past ten years the Savannah restaurant scene has blossomed like the azaleas in spring. Fine food, lovingly prepared by Savannah’s expert chefs, is the norm these days. Restaurants can offer a relaxing retreat to people wanting to celebrate an event, without the mess and fuss that preparing a meal can cause. Some restaurants have a wide range of items offered on the menu. Whether you are looking for an upscale dining experience, down-home cooking, or a place to dine with your dog, the city provides you all. Most Savannah restaurants express at least some southern influence in the dishes offered.

Savannah, Georgia, has many fine restaurants, clubs and theaters, parks, and sports arena's for entertainment. Whether for lunch, cocktails, dinner, or special occasions, Savannah offers a contemporary, minimalist setting with menus to please every palate. The city has huge range of restaurants ranging from expensive to inexpensive inorder to suit every pocket. At the same time you can also select restaurant as per your favorite cuisine such as Indian, Chinese, Italian and much more.

Savannah City Guide

The variety of waterfront views makes Savannah special. Savannah is an old, coastal Southern town, and its restaurants reflect this in the traditional southern cuisine and numerous seafood dishes. Local seafood specialties include crab cakes and crab stew, shrimp, and oysters. When looking for a fun night, many people often look to bars to be entertained and to keep the nightlife going. Dining in Savannah is not limited to southern cooking and seafood dishes, though you may find that most restaurants offer fresh seafood.

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