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Staying in Savannah

There are many stereotypes about living in the south. They say the pace is much slower, the people are far more friendly and hospitable, and the air is more humid. Savannah offers all these things, and more.

A historic district, Savannah is regarded for its respect for tradition while incorporating today's trends. It has a good number of historical landmarks, good quality shops and restaurant, and more importantly, vitality. In Savannah, walking is a way of life, particularly for tourists. Walking tours are good for those who want to see over 30 different places of interest.

Savannah is considered the first planned city in America. That alone tells how much history there is in this district. Some of its vital streets are crowded with stellar buildings. Its nightlife is composed of various genres ranging from jazz, blues, salsa, and swing. There are also museums to keep history buffs on their heels.

Water sports is a very popular activity in Savannah. Tourists can also enjoy in partaking in fishing activities, like chartering a boat for deep-sea activities. Kayaking is another good way to spend a day in the coast. There are also dolphin tours, as well as traditional beach leisure activities like swimming and beach volleyball that can help tourists in enjoying a lazy day in the coast. So remember to take your swimsuit once you book that flight to Savannah.

Then there's the neighboring island of Tybee which is just a good 12 miles away. Visitors can go for a quick trolley ride that will help them witness the sand and feel the tropical atmosphere. The island is likewise known for its natural wildlife. With its laid-back tropical atmosphere, no one can blame you if you'd rather spend a day or two in this island.

If you are the type of person who like to party, then you should plan your visit in time for Savannah's many festivals. In this district, people tend to celebrate almost everything. They throw parties in connection with their heritage to barbeque, blues, Greek festival, Oktoberfest…name it! Even if you go to Savannah at a time when there's no scheduled festival, chances are you will still find a way to party in this district!

If traveling means shopping for you, there are many areas in Savannah that can whet your appetite for good items. There's the Central Market which is a haven for art and specialty stores. There are the Broughton and Bull streets which host a lot of shops offering antiques. The Southside on the other hand is where you can find malls and modern stores. There are a lot of choices for shoppers in Savannah.

Savannah City Guide

There are also a lot of lodging options in Savannah. There are hotels in the downtown area which provide a homey lodging experience for almost all kinds of travelers.

Indeed, Savannah is the place to go if you want to go south. As long as you plan the itinerary well, you will not regret visiting this lovely place.

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